Saturday, April 7, 2007

All tied up

More black & white art from True 20. I like the odd way these two contrast and compliment each other.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Rock & Rule came out around the same time Heavy Metal did in the mid 80's , unfortunately it never developed the same cult following. Which is why I was so excited to see it out on dvd. I Just got the Collectors edition and it's amazing. It's got 2 versions of the movie and a bunch of extras. You have no idea how hard it's been to find a half-way watchable copy of this thing . Usually when it airs it's the edited version that's chopped out alot of the fun bits. Some of you might think it's a bit dated but this is really one of my all time favorite pieces of animation. Oh, and the soundtrack is completely badass. Cheap Trick, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Debbie Harry and Earth Wind and Fire....
Hey, don't look at me like that, if I say the're badass then the're badass.
Anyway, I did these just for fun. I wanted to see if I could get the look down. Track down a copy for yourself and see how I did.