Monday, January 22, 2007

El Laberinto del Fauno

I saw Pan's Labyrinth this weekend and it was amazing. Guillermo del Toro promised a fairy tale for adults and he did not dissapoint. It was dark and beautiful and horrible and sad.... but in a good way. If I have any complaint it's that i'd like to have seen more of the fantasy world. When I came home I did a few scribbles of the characters. I wouldn't be surprised if they start showing up in my sketchbook more often.

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Maj said...

Have you seen The Devil's Backbone? Just watched it recently and it's quite good. The ending is even more satisfying, in a way.

I hadn't even heard about it until after i saw Pan's Labyrinth. Read some random article and learned that Pan's Labyrinth is kind of the thematic sequel to The Devil's Backbone.

You're right though - they definately should have spent more time developing the fantasy side of the plot. It would have been interesting to find out more about the Faun's life in the modern/developing world.

- Maj